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(Month one)

The west has always had a sturdy grip on my heart and Utah is a spot I’ve wanted to head back to since I visited a couple years ago. Now that I’ve been here a month I remember exactly why I was so hype on it. I mean red rocks, sunshine, hiking, camping, swimming, sunsets, canyons, etc… It’s basically a little kacy paradise, with one exception, the damn 3.2% beer. Mmmm all the bloat, none of the buzz.

Fear not though, big mama has a healthy stock left from her days in Maine and hath discovered the liquor stores sell the real McCoy (but only warm and by the single bottle). Wouldn’t be mad if someone decided to get me a membership to the beer of the month club for x-mas… wink wink… Siblings…

Sups glad I hauled my life the 3,000 miles out here, me thinks I’ll happily be living life out west for many moons to come.

Northern Maine to Southern Utah.

The 3,000+ mile road trip. OUI.

It was an adventure for the book, y’all. And my mother is a blessed saint for tagging along for the whole damn thing. The first leg of the trip was Presque Isle, Maine to Columbus, Ohio. Driving around/through Boston is like THE WORST, all you Masshole driver, yuk on you. After braving the lands of potholes and no merge lanes, Mom and I found a campground outside of Boston to call it a night. I then managed to jackknife ol Stelly in a tiny beach parking lot after dark, so what did we do? Merely shifted a few cement parking blocks and did a bit of off roading, cause we strong independent women ‘n stuff. The rest of the trip to C-bus was all smoothy smooth and we got to enjoy a day of rest/bath tubbing/unclogging my camper. Good times!!

Next stop, Denver. A magical land of mountains and friends… The journey there though, less than magical. Night one we camped with Mark Twain, and made pals with a live human man who recommended I invest in a sway bar (may god, buddha and allah smile down upon that man). Then we braved I-70 west through Kansas, which is a forever long state filled with sorghum fields and windmills. But alas, the mountains came into view and the heavens opened up and we were in Denver! 2,400 miles into our journey escaping the car was a welcomed treat, legit, our bodies hurt from sitting so much. Red rocks and nursing friends and concerts, oh my!

The Rockies were the next hurdle. Oh. My. Lawd. Shoutout to Celine to sum this portion of the drive up best, cause this is one of those thing’s we’d never do again but then they always seemed alright. Average speed: 40 mph. Not kidding. We had plenty of time to enjoy the fall colors and snowy peaks, while giggling to cover up the thoughts of, “Is this the hill we won’t make it up?”.

And then, we were in Utah. (insert angels singing here)

The sun was shining bright, the left side of my body was getting so tan, we had almost completed our entire road trip scavenger hunt. All seemed right with the world. We found a nice little campground to call home for the next few months and to Zion we went. Luck was definitely on our side, because we scored permits for Subway the next day. I don’t know if I can blame the difficulty of the hike on muscle atrophy from being in the car for 10 days or what, but damn, so absolutely stunning.

Mama bear headed home on Tuesday, and I was sad to see her go. It isn’t easy to share a 20ft home or be in the car together for 3,000 miles, but she made for one hell of a co-pilot and adventure buddy. Without her I would have struggled through the trip and getting settled in to this new area would have been even more stressful. I’m really lucky to have the mom I do, and I’m so glad that we got to create buckets of new memories together.

Taking Utah by storm.

I got to spend the last week playing in Zion with one of the friends I made up in Alaska! It was way fun and I have to say, I didn’t know the desert had so much to offer… I learned how to make my way through canyons, do a wee bit of rock climbing, drive stick shift (on a massive jeep), and so much more!!

I am still shaking sand out of every single thing I took with me though…