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(Month one)

The west has always had a sturdy grip on my heart and Utah is a spot I’ve wanted to head back to since I visited a couple years ago. Now that I’ve been here a month I remember exactly why I was so hype on it. I mean red rocks, sunshine, hiking, camping, swimming, sunsets, canyons, etc… It’s basically a little kacy paradise, with one exception, the damn 3.2% beer. Mmmm all the bloat, none of the buzz.

Fear not though, big mama has a healthy stock left from her days in Maine and hath discovered the liquor stores sell the real McCoy (but only warm and by the single bottle). Wouldn’t be mad if someone decided to get me a membership to the beer of the month club for x-mas… wink wink… Siblings…

Sups glad I hauled my life the 3,000 miles out here, me thinks I’ll happily be living life out west for many moons to come.


My goal for the argosy has been to upgrade the practical things for full time living and amp up the appearance in ways that make it possible for her to be restored to her original glory, but also rep my personality and feel like home… I am one lucky lady to have an army of useful and helpful people in my life. Had I tried to even pull up the carpet on my own I probably would have wound up with a heck of a bout of tetanus and then me and my locked jaw would be nonstop ugly crying on the half shag half gummy floor forever. Cute’nt.

With that visual in mind, a massive thank you to everyone who made time to help me. You are all angels for putting up with me and my requests. I am so far beyond stoked to hook this baby up and get her on the open road!

T-minus 4 days until we set sail on our maiden voyage!


Seamstress: Randi Crook
Floor installer and general handyman: Karl Crook
Plumber: Keith Crook
Tech man and speaker donor: Dan Flesch
Flooring donor: Kevin Windle
Battery deal maker: Doug Windle
Vintage shopping buddy: Kellie Crook

Guest Appearances

Mechanic and vehicle guide: Brendan Halley