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(Month one)

The west has always had a sturdy grip on my heart and Utah is a spot I’ve wanted to head back to since I visited a couple years ago. Now that I’ve been here a month I remember exactly why I was so hype on it. I mean red rocks, sunshine, hiking, camping, swimming, sunsets, canyons, etc… It’s basically a little kacy paradise, with one exception, the damn 3.2% beer. Mmmm all the bloat, none of the buzz.

Fear not though, big mama has a healthy stock left from her days in Maine and hath discovered the liquor stores sell the real McCoy (but only warm and by the single bottle). Wouldn’t be mad if someone decided to get me a membership to the beer of the month club for x-mas… wink wink… Siblings…

Sups glad I hauled my life the 3,000 miles out here, me thinks I’ll happily be living life out west for many moons to come.

Marlborough, Kaikoura, Christchurch

So this is it. The end of New Zealand, the end of a truly incredible adventure.

My last few days were spent wandering around wine country getting my sommelier on, picking cherries, playing in the ocean, feasting on the beach, and turning 25. I have now been 25 for almost two weeks and it has been a good chance to look back at 24 and be proud. In the past year I became that person who not only talks big dreams, but lives them. I went after what I want in life and I had some incredible adventures along the way. I’m more open minded, more confident in myself, more ready to face fears and take on any challenge that comes for me. Best of all, I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time. So thank you to everyone who supported my choices and to those of you who said I’m crazy… I hope I’ve managed to chance your perception!

Now that I’m home (and poor) I’m going to be taking on new adventures, trying to figure out how to balance working and being all consumed by the travel bug. Tomorrow Rosie and I hit the road again and I begin life as a travel nurse! Watch out Arizona!

Golden Bay.

I’ve been slacking on the blog the last few weeks, but in my defense I was out making the most of my last few weeks in New Zealand! After all, I had limited time there and it is quite a bit easier to wade though and post my pictures from here…

After making our way up the west coast we decided that we should absolutely go to the northern tip of the South Island, Cape Farewell. It was so incredibly beautiful, there were amazing hikes through fields of sheep with cliffs that dropped down to white sand beaches. My favorite part though, without question, BABY SEAL ENCOUNTERS. People naturally freak whenever we see a wild animal up close and personal so when my travel bud and I stumbled upon a cave full of seals it took some sneaking and strategic timing to avoid drawing attention to the hot spot, but it paid off! We were approached by at least 5 babies and the moms all just kept eyes from a distance and didn’t seem to mind us one bit!

An experience I won’t soon forget (especially since every piece of technology I own is now backgrounded with a picture of the babes)

Wine Country/Kaikoura post on deck!

Wanaka and the West Coast.

I headed to Wanaka on NYE and spent quite a few days in the area, it was an adorable little lake town and I was more than happy to have time to work on my tan, get some hikes in and recharge. After a those days of flying solo in Wanaka I managed to talk a pal from Queenstown into meeting up with me and now we’re on our way up the West Coast and around the North side of the South Island. That’s right, y’all, the story is now Little Kacy, Big Travel Buddy…stay tuned to see how that plays out!

Only 10 more days before I fly home, so the pressure is on to make the most of it!

Solitude: Success

After getting to Te Anau I looked at a Department of Conservation map, picked a remote little site, loaded up Big Teal, and headed out there for some peace and quiet with no real plan. It was a great chance to slow down and join the finer things club. When traveling it is easy to get caught up and feel like you’re not moving fast enough to see everything, but constantly racing around it is easy to miss the magical world that constantly surrounds you. I walked slow, stopped to look at all the weird fungi, and made some great bird friends who did my hair and made me a beautiful ballgown to win over the prince… wait… nah, that’s Cinderella’s bit. But I still felt a bit like I was living in a fairy tale!

Just a word to the wise- BUY BUG SPRAY IF YOU’RE IN NEW ZEALAND. The sand flies and mosquitoes are ruthless demons.

Sand flies and mosquitoes. The finger choice was strategic...
Sand flies and mosquitoes. The finger choice was strategic…

Coromandel Peninsula.

After passing back down though Auckland I made my way to Thames on the Coromandel Peninsula. I wasn’t quite sure what I would find there, but it turned out to be an incredible stop! On my first day there I hiked up the Pinnacles which offered amazing 360 degree views and the chance to stand on the edges of cliffs and catch a little thrill! An awesome guide I met directed me to a campsite in Haehi and said that his group would be in Cathedral Cove the next day if I wanted to meet up with them again. I’m never one to turn down chances to make friends so the next morning I took myself to Hot Water Beach where you can dig you’re own hot tub (thermal features are super cool) and spent the afternoon exploring Cathedral’s Cove with my new Aussie and Kiwi pals!

This is probably my last day on the coast, so I’m heading back out to the beach to soak up as much sun and surf as I can!