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Maiden Voyage.

In case it isn’t obvious, I’m not the biggest on planning or preparing. So naturally, I didn’t take that strongly recommended trial night out before hooking up the Argonaut and embarking on that 1,300 mile trip to Maine. I mean I had towed her  almost 9 miles (round trip) to the tire store and back, that obviously we were ready.

The first two hours were a little rough, I had flashback after flashback of being 15 and learning to drive, at least this go around I remember that left on red is NOT legal… I was sweating profusely, I could feel the anxiety knots forming in my neck and back, my knuckles were white from the eagle death grip I had on the steering wheel. Then the hills started. Lawd have mercy. Them darn hills. FYI hills, towing, and cruise control don’t mix. I hit a groove around hour 4 and was feeling pretty good as we rolled into our campsite outside of Rochester on night one.

The next morning we woke up to rain. And drove in rain. And I towed in rain and wind. It was, again, an utterly terrifying life experience. Also, I wanna talk to the guy in charge of the Massachusetts roads cause there are more pot holes in that state than squished bugs on my whips after this journey.
The downpours were good for finding any and every leak in the ol girl. AKA next sunny day big mama gonna be climbing on the roof with a tube o caulk, cause my method of duct taping wash cloths to my ceiling isn’t a solid long term fix.


Then, we were in Maine and the sun was shining and it was glorious.

BBgirl is all set up and decked out (literally, Bucky the campground man gave us a deck) and she ain’t movin a muscle for the next 3 months.


Holla to mama Crook for driving the whole way up here alone and cutting off a plethora of vehicles so I could change lanes and such. S/o to THE kels for not exactly calming my nerves with every bump, but defs for feeding me snacks and playing DJ for umpteen hours. Mad props to Jay.J. the jeep for hauling like a bawsss. And to Millie da road hog for not dying and being the cutest lil QT.


My goal for the argosy has been to upgrade the practical things for full time living and amp up the appearance in ways that make it possible for her to be restored to her original glory, but also rep my personality and feel like home… I am one lucky lady to have an army of useful and helpful people in my life. Had I tried to even pull up the carpet on my own I probably would have wound up with a heck of a bout of tetanus and then me and my locked jaw would be nonstop ugly crying on the half shag half gummy floor forever. Cute’nt.

With that visual in mind, a massive thank you to everyone who made time to help me. You are all angels for putting up with me and my requests. I am so far beyond stoked to hook this baby up and get her on the open road!

T-minus 4 days until we set sail on our maiden voyage!


Seamstress: Randi Crook
Floor installer and general handyman: Karl Crook
Plumber: Keith Crook
Tech man and speaker donor: Dan Flesch
Flooring donor: Kevin Windle
Battery deal maker: Doug Windle
Vintage shopping buddy: Kellie Crook

Guest Appearances

Mechanic and vehicle guide: Brendan Halley

Ze Argonaut.

Meet my 1978 Argosy Minuet!

I decided to take the plunge last week, and am now the proud owner of this beauty! For being nearly 40 years old and almost all original this gal is in incredible shape. I don’t have renovation plans, per say,  instead I’m planning to make a few adjustments to make this a bit more functional for full time living.  So here is my call to any of my friends who have skills including, but not limited to electrical, plumbing, structure checking, sewing, tracking down 70s garb, etc… I’ll take any and all the help I can get!

Before we take off for our first adventure you’re all invited over for cocktails out of aluminum mugs, but be warned though, dress code strictly enforced.

Stay tuned for updates on our progress! Get at me if you want to help!